Rethinking Cryptocurrency – Part 1

Easy to use. Easy to buy. Easy to mine. Easy to understand. Global mass appeal.

Why do most of the mainstream population currently stay away from cryptocurrencies? It’s complex to use. It’s troublesome to buy. It’s difficult to mine. It’s hard to understand. Cryptocurrencies are still in their infant stages and have yet to see widespread mainstream mass market adoption and usage as a unit of exchange both online and offline. There is a need to rethink the current approach to the design and marketing of cryptocurrencies in order to achieve a global mass appeal.

The Digital Pandacoin (PND) is well past its first major update which highlights our intention of redefining the cryptocurrency landscape, by being the first cryptocurrency to design, develop and package specifically for the mainstream mass market. Pandacoin takes the first steps in building a solid foundation of how cryptocurrencies should be – easy to use, easy to buy, easy to mine and easy to understand.

Pandacoin will be the cryptocurrency to show to your family and friends that have yet to grasp the concept of decentralized digital currencies. Pandacoin will be the cryptocurrency to tell your work colleagues about, that had been asking if there are any methods to easily buy and mine cryptocurrencies. Pandacoin will be the cryptocurrency that almost anyone, from your teenage daughter, to your technophobe father, that could easily use, obtain and understand.

This is just the beginning for Pandacoin. We will continue to improve and add to the existing infrastructure which will make Pandacoin even easier to use, obtain and understand. This way Pandacoin can retain the position as market and thought leaders in the areas of simplicity and ease of usage, in order to reach the global mass market in the future.


Development Releases


PandaBank – World’s first main storage of cryptocurrency with a familiar internet banking interface and functionalities

Download and get started with the secure and easy to use PandaBank, and start earning 2.5% annual interest on your Pandacoins. PandaBank supports the following features:

–          Password on PandaBank login and transfers
–          View individual account balances and transaction history
–          Send Pandacoins fast using Quick Transfer
–          Track how much interest you have earned on each individual account
–          Manage and transfer Pandacoins between your own PandaBank accounts
–          Track how much incoming and outgoing Pandacoins for each individual account for the last 30 days.

PandaWallet – Take your Pandacoins with you on the go

Pandacoin now has mobile storage and transfer solutions with a fully functioning standalone mobile and tabletPandaWallet for the Android platform. PandaWallet is handy as you can take some Pandacoins with you, and make transfers or payments where you go.

BuyPND – Buy Pandacoins using Paypal is the fastest way to purchase Pandacoins easily and securely. Accepting Paypal, there is no longer a need to go through an exchange to obtain your Pandacoins. We simplify the process so there is no need to through the trouble of buying bitcoins first, then buying Pandacoins on exchanges.

Pandacoin Browser Miner – No setup required to mine Pandacoins. Perfect for beginner miners 

Mine Pandacoins simply by opening your internet browser. No setup required. You can mine Pandacoin easily at work, university/college, school, library or anywhere with a computer or laptop with an internet connection! Perfect for beginners that want to earn some Pandacoins easily.

PandaMiner – Simplying the complicated mining process with an easy to use interface

PandaMiner is a desktop mining application which simplifies the complex mining process into an easy to use interface that is suitable for beginner & intermediate miners that are just getting into cryptocurrency mining. All it involves is inputting your Pandacoin Account Address, MiningID, select your graphics card setting, and press ‘Start’ to begin mining Pandacoins! How easy is that?

Crypto Crash Course – Making cryptocurrency simple and easy to understand

Pandacoin makes all aspects of cryptocurrency simple and easy to understand with the Crypto Crash Course. Newcomers to the fast paced and complex world of cryptocurrencies can learn about:

–          What is cryptocurrency?
–          What makes a cryptocurrency worth having?
–          What are the benefits over traditional money?
–          What are the risks of cryptocurrency?
–          What is mining, algorithms, multipools and hashrates?

With over 35 comprehensive articles and step-by-step tutorials covering multiple topics and FAQs, Pandacoin provides all the information that someone new to cryptocurrency will need to know.

New Homepage – A new chapter for Pandacoin starts with a new website

Pandacoin has a brand new homepage and url link ( which showcases the new Pandacoin, welcoming newcomers to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies by providing all the information that they require regarding all aspects of cryptocurrency with the Crypto Crash Course and the extensive Pandacoin features, ecosystem and community.

Introduction to Pandacoin Video – Bringing in new Pandacoin users

We have developed a short video which highlights and provides a summary for the new prospective Pandacoin users on our new homepage.


Rethinking Cryptocurrency – Part 2

For Pandacoin’s next major update, we’ll be putting the currency in cryptoCURRENCY. Pandacoin will be easy to spend and easy to accept as a form of payment. 

Cryptocurrencies should not only be easy to use, easy to buy, easy to mine and easy to understand, but also easy to spend and accept as a form of payment in order to function truly as a form of decentralized digital currency instead of merely being a commodity. After all, Pandcoin is defined as a cryptoCURRENCY and not a cryptoCOMMODITY.

Our next major update to Pandacoin will involve developing coin technologies and infrastructure to encourage Pandacoin to be used as a unit of exchange, by making it easy for individuals (consumer to consumer), vendors and retailers of all sizes (business to consumer) to adopt, spend and accept Pandacoin as a form of payment in the future.

The Pandacoin (PND) Development Team had identified multiple fundamental problems that all cryptocurrencies suffer from, which is preventing individuals, vendors and retailers from easily accepting and sending cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Again, similar to our first major update to Pandacoin, we will be designing, developing and marketing cryptocurrency infrastructures and technologies in a manner that has not been attempted before. An announcement regarding a release date for the second major update to Pandacoin will be made when we have a good estimate of when we can roll out the second major update to Pandacoin.

We plan to once again redefine how cryptocurrencies should be – easy and simple to use.


Near Future Developments to Look Forward to

In between the next major update to Pandacoin, certain smaller updates to Pandacoin that we can reveal that will be developed in the near future (or is currently undergoing development) include the following –

Pandacoin (PND) Community Crowdfunding platform

In order to speed up and increase the numbers of simultaneous developments for Pandacoin, the Pandacoin (PND) Development Team will be developing a Pandacoin (PND) Community Crowdfunding platform.

This crowdfunding platform will be in the form of a new dedicated section on our new homepage, to feature projects which can be funded by the community to further develop Pandacoin and its growing ecosystem. Projects utilizing the Pandacoin Community Chest funds will be showcased in this platform also. The platform will double up as a public project management tool used by the Pandacoin (PND) Development Team to show the community the following –

–          Development schematics and mock up designs
–          Development list of deliverables
–          Estimated development delivery time
–          Live progress updates on different stages of development

We have contacts with individuals that are interested in privately bulk buying PND for FIAT at a set price, so the community does not need to worry about the conversion of large amounts of Pandacoins to traditional money via exchanges to fund these developments. More details on this initiative will be released shortly, and the community can expect the platform to be developed in approximately 1 months time.

PandaWallet for Apple iOS

It was unfortunate that one of our test homepages had been exposed a few weeks ago, which prematurely revealed the Apple iOS PandaWallet. We wanted it to be a surprise for the community after the development is finished, but now we can officially confirm that it is currently undergoing development and the community could expect the release shortly.

PandaBank improvements

With the world’s first main storage of cryptocurrency designed with a familiar interface and functionalities that is reminiscent of conventional internet banking, we would like to further refine PandaBank so that it would be even easier and secure to use. Upgrades scheduled for the Pandacoin PandaBank include:

–          2FA on login and transfer to improve security to protect your Pandacoins
–          Ability to schedule one off or repeated transactions at a certain time and date
–          User experience optimization
–         Exciting secret features that would be released with the second major update to Pandacoin that we do not wish to announce yet

Crypto Crash Course Video Education series

We will be creating a series of short 2-3 minute animated videos on the major topics from our Crypto Crash Course, making it even easier to educate the beginners that are just getting into the exciting yet fast paced world of cryptocurrencies. These videos are designed to increase awareness to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, so you can forward the videos to your friends and family if they ever enquire about anything cryptocurrency related.

Chinese and other languages support on all key Pandacoin infrastructure

To encourage Pandacoin adoption in China and other crucial market segments, we will be focusing on providing Chinese  and other languages support on all key Pandacoin infrastructure. This will allow Pandacoin to truly obtain a global mainstream mass market appeal. Key infrastructures that will receive additional language support include:

–          Homepage
–          Crypto Crash Course
–          PandaBank
–          PandaWallet
–          BuyPND

This is Just the Beginning of a Long Journey

This is still early on in our adventure which highlights our intention of redefining the cryptocurrency landscape, by being the first cryptocurrency to design, develop and package specifically for the mainstream mass market. Next stop – Making Pandacoin easier to spend, and easier to accept as a form of payment. 


Cryptocurrency for the masses,

The Digital Pandacoin Community