The Basics

The Basics of Pandacoin (PND)


So far, you’ve read about what cryptocurrencies are and how they are created and collected. Here, we are going to investigate in detail one of the strongest coins on the market in terms of the technical attributes it possesses.  

Pandacoin (PND) is a currency that is Proof of Stake which generates 2.5% interest per year, which means that if you have 1,000 Pandacoins in your PandaBank wallet, you will receive 25 Pandacoins in your first year. There are currently an aproximate total of 32 Billion Pandacoins in circulation, which increases at a rate of about 2.5% every year.

Pandacoin, however can be mined using the usual mining programs through the Panda Multipool, which mines the most profitable coins on the market, and sells them for Pandacoins. It is because of this multipool and the inability to mine it directly that it is immune to the industries developing high-powered mining machines (called ASICs) which would under normal circumstances damage or kill a coin entirely. Instead, these industries would have little to no impact on the health of the coin itself, and in fact may even increase the coin’s value.

Pandacoin also has extremely fast transaction times, taking seconds, or at most, a minute for large transactions to occur, unlike many coins which can take minutes or hours for any transactions. The community is thriving, which means that the current value of the coin is low, but stable and increasing over time.



Pandacoin has a total annual interest rate of 2.5% which means that every year the total supply of Pandacoin increases by 2.5%. Now, usually when supply increases, the value decreases by the corresponding percentage, however Pandacoin is in a unique place. The usual case is that an individual has invested in pandacoin, and is accruing interest over time in very small amounts on a daily basis. The increase is almost imperceptible, and as a result, there is very little impact on the market. This means that although the supply is theoretically increasing, barring that people don’t accidentally lose their coins, the value is usually unaffected.

Further, the developers of the coin are high level professionals that have made it their goal to make Pandacoin succeed. These professional men and women have brought to bear incredible features to be released shortly, which will increase the size of the community and the value of the coin, while making decentralized digital currencies easier to learn, use, buy and understand. Pandacoin was designed for the average user that are not well versed with technologies, so that almost anyone can learn buy,  use and understand cryptocurrencies.

The state of the entire digital currencies are still in their infant stages, and have yet to see widespread mainstream adoption and usage as a unit of exchange both online and offline. There is a need to rethink the current approaches to the designs and marketing of digital currencies in order to acheive a global mass appeal. This is where Pandacoin differs from its competitors and their approaches – It is easy to use, easy to buy, easy to mine and easy to understand. For these reasons, combined with the  features of Pandacoin, it is positioned to be the cryptocurrency for the masses across multiple market segments and cultures world-wide.

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