Crypto Crash Course – Introduction & Course Outline



Are you new to the exciting world of cryptocurrencies? Are you seeking information and tutorials, but having trouble finding them all neatly summarized in one place on the internet? You’ve came to the right place! This is an introduction and outlines all the different cryptocurrency courses and articles/tutorials that make up Pandacoin’s Crypto Crash Course. 

A cryptocurrency, or digital currency, is a piece of digital information which can be stored on specific pieces of software called “wallets”. These digital coins are given value by the communities that buy, sell, and trade them, much like a stock in the stock market. Instead of being based on the strength of a company and the success of a business, however, these digital currencies are based on their own usefulness as a currency, and on the strength and activity of the communities and developers that drive them.

There are many ways to earn these digital currencies: Mining, buying, using faucets, gettingtips and rain in public forums and other online communities, and staking. Mining involves using hardware to “solve” or “decode” algorithms which produce coins as they are solved, and rewards them to the individual who did the solving. Buying involves spending traditional currency like US dollars or Euros and purchasing digital currencies. Faucets involve navigating to a website and receiving a very small amount of free digital currency (these are funded by donations or ad revenue). Getting tips or rain involves being active in an online community where people often tip others or rain some digital currency to everyone online, just because they want to be generous. Staking involves already owning currency, and using that currency to earn interest for you. Each of the above bolded terms link to their own articles which describe them more in depth.

Crypto Crash Course makes cryptocurrency simple and easy to understand

Digital currencies are a method of moving away from centralized, manipulated traditional currencies, to help put the spending power back in the hands of everyday people instead of in the hands of those who control the currency supply. It is motivated by problems with the current system as well as a whole host of improvements that digital currencies offer.

Of course, the digital currency world isn’t only comprised of those who would see positive change, but also populated occasionally by people who would take from you what is yours. Because of people like this, security is extremely important, as well as keeping track of whether what you read is misinformation or if it is accurate.

If you are interested in getting involved in digital currencies, please take the time to read our step by step guides which will help you on your way, and please do read the Full Cryptocurrency Crash Course, as it will undoubtedly benefit you in your efforts to get involved in the world of Digital currencies.


Crypto Crash Course Outline

If you would like to learn about cryptocurrencies, you’ve come to the right place! The Pandacoin Development team is dedicated to educating all about the benefits of cryptocurrencies, and how to go about buying, mining, using and understanding them. Here, we have produced material just for that purpose.

All of the information here is important, but if you want to just get started with your wallet and/or mining, quickly and easily, take a look at our step by step guides or our wallet and mining articles listed below!

The material is split into the following sections and subsections:


1st Course – Introduction to Cryptocurrency

What is Cryptocurrency?

Advantages Over Traditional Money

What Makes a Cryptocurrency Worth Having?

Risks of Cryptocurrency – Part 1 – What Makes the Network Secure?

Risks of Cryptocurrency – Part 2 – What Can You Do to Make YOUR Investment Secure?

Warning Signs of a Cryptocurrency to Avoid

How Cryptocurrency Benefits Businesses

Spotting Misinformation and Rumours

The Basics of Pandacoin (PND)

Legality of Cryptocurrencies


2nd Course – Introduction to Mining

Advanced Mining Tutorial

Why Mine on the Pandacoin Multipool with Your Gaming Rig Right Now, and How to Get Started

Data Blocks & Hashrates

Different Mining Algorithms

What’s the Difference Between Mining X11 and Mining Scypt?

Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake Mining

Individual Mining and Mining Pools

The Basics of ASICs


3rd Course – Introduction to Buying

Introduction to Buying Cryptocurrency

Buy Pandacoin from Exchanges Tutorial

Step By Step Tutorial on Buying Bitcoins or Litecoins

Different Ways of Buying Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency Trading: Passion Over Profit


4th Course – Introduction to Storage & Security



What Should I Do with My Wallets?

Different Cryptocurrency Wallets and Storage Solutions

Good Cryptocurrency Security Practices – Part 1 – Wallet Security

Good Cryptocurrency Security Practices – Part 2 – Data Safety


5th Course – Step-By-Step Tutorials

The 5th Course contains step-by-step tutorials on multiple different areas of cryptocurrency.

Step-By-Step Mining Tutorial

Mining on the Pandacoin Multipool Tutorial

Step-By-Step Buying Pandacoin from Exchanges Tutorial

Step-By-Step Buying Bitcoins or Litecoins Tutorial

More Methods of Buying Bitcoins


6th Course – Pandacoin FAQ

Pandacoin/PandaBank 2.5% Annual Interest Staking FAQ